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Johnny Hallyday
Audrey Pulvar
Christian Boltanski
Gilbert Montagne
Francois Miterrand
Jacques Chancel
Shimon Peres
Pierre Gattaz
Bernard Murat
Pierre Moscovici
Mickael and Larissa Gorbatchev
Marina Picasso


I live in Jerusalem with my wife Pascale. We have four children: Itai, Sarah, Ouri, and Ela.

After graduating from a local Jerusalem high school, I graduated from the Ministry of Tourism’s tour guide course, and have been guiding tours in Israel for over twenty-five years. In 1990 I was chosen by the Israeli Government to guide heads of state and other major dignitaries from all over the world, including Mr. Mitterand and Mr. Gorbachev.


From Interfaith pilgrimages to theme tours dedicated to geopolitics, Israeli minorities, the dynamic Israeli hi-tech industry, or environmental issues, I am prepared to delight and surprise you.


I particularly enjoy spending the school holidays or summer break guiding families, motivating and teaching children about Israel, while they have a fantastic and fun visit.

Creating an itinerary that the entire family will enjoy, I plan activities geared for all ages and interests, from taking part in archaeological digs, planting trees, and visiting ancient and modern historical sites to riding camels in the desert, driving ATVs, going on jeep tours, and rappelling down cliffs.


Two to three times a year, I conduct international Jewish history and art tours outside Israel and lecture about Israel in Western Europe. I love this fascinating informal meeting with travellers.


I look forward to guiding you and showing you Israel’s treasures and hidden delights! Prepare to be enlightened and surprised!



Rue Brouria 9a


Israel 93184

Tel: +972-505-330 231





“The best professional guide in Israel!”

I had several opportunities to hire the services of Gil to visit Jerusalem and other places in Israel with international clients. His professionalism, historical and geographical knowledge, friendliness are exceptional!


“Simply great !”

Gil is the best definition of a guide ! He has the knowledge, friendliness and charisma to introduce the complex history of the region ! A 100% recommendation


“A magical experience”

This was my second trip to Israel, and I must admit that Gil's experience as a guide, his professionalism, as well as his ability to adapt to anyone made that trip a one of a kind. Beyond the person, there is the love of his country, the values and beliefs, that he is happy to share

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